Seeking motivated individuals who love to talk and preform effective communication over the telephone.

REQUIREMENTS: The position requires 100% ability to effectively communicate to prospective Clients.  

Must be able to create and use Excel – spreadsheets

Mandatory skills in, "closing of sales transactions," with potential Client - this is 100% requirement to fulfill the duties of this assignment.

Capable skills in telephone curiosity and customer service while speaking on the telephone. Customer awareness and paying attention to details when relating to potential Clients is a mandatory requirement ... being pleasant at all times to the potential Client under every circumstances.

Understand that all telephone calls during their working hours will be recorded - this ensure accuracy of the script and the connection with potential Client. This system, it will also verify that individual has worked the allotted time, time and attendance, :completed and closed the required daily transactions,"  in order to continue working for our organization.

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* MUST maintain weekly goal /quota set by Company to keep said /the above listed employment...

Submit resume using the contact form below. 

Requirement: Massive Focus, Massive Work, and Take Action


Form W-9

Follow all instructions given at your local unemployment office…

This, “Stay at Home,” career opportunity position - it is now available in all 50 States.

For Career Opportunity - Independent Self Employed Contractor/Sub-Contactor



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